Microbiology & Immunology

Adam Oberstein Adam Oberstein

Assistant Professor

PhD, Princeton University

Room: 8141 COMRB

Tel: 312-996-2185

Email: aoberste@uic.edu

Website: Oberstein Lab

Research Interest

Lab Description

My research interests lay at the interface between experimental virology and computational bioinformatics. I am interested in how viruses remodel the cellular environment to enable replication and the intrinsic cellular mechanisms which allow viruses to replicate in some cells, but not others. With a deeper understanding of these processes, we may be able to design new anti-viral therapies targeting cellular processes or mimic viral mechanisms to modulate cellular pathways in a clinical or biotechnological setting. Our work uses genomics, proteomics, and computational methods to study infection at the systems level. We study human herpesviruses in the laboratory and are currently focused on two major research themes:

1) Identification of host factors and pathways required for herpesvirus infection and latency.

2) The role of mesenchymal and epithelial cell-programs during herpesvirus infection.

For more information about our research, please see our laboratory website.


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