Microbiology & Immunology

Marlene Bouvier Marlene Bouvier


PhD, McGill University

Room: 8131 COMRB

Tel: 312-355-0664

Lab: 312-413-0553

Email: mbouvier@uic.edu

Website: Bouvier Lab


Our research activities are focused on understanding the immunology, structural biology, and cell biology of the pathway by which intracellular antigens are processed into peptides that are presented to immune cells by class I MHC molecules. This pathway is vital in both adaptive and innative immunity. We tackle fundamental questions on the function and molecular mechanisms of key proteins/complexes that influence antigen processing and peptide trimming, selection, and loading onto class I MHC molecules. Given the key role of the class I antigen processing and presentation pathway in the detection of virally infected cells, it is not surprising that viruses have evolved various strategies to interfere with antigen presentation. We also have a keen interest in characterizing the molecular mechanisms by which human viruses, in particular Adenoviruses, utilized specialized proteins to evade immune surveillance. Our projects share an unifying theme centered on the role of class I MHC molecules in the immune system. We use a multidisciplinary approach that includes crystallography, biochemistry, biophysics, immunology, and virology.



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